How did I become a Ninja Warrior?

Found my love for rock climbing and OCR

I immersed myself in competing in Obstacle Course Races (OCR). This also helped me to develop the ability and interest to do Ninja obstacles. 

I started rock climbing in an indoor gym in 2011. I am now an avid outdoor sport lead climber. I have traveled to climb in KY, ID, WI, IL, IN, MI, CO and AZ. 

Sports Background

-15 years of Shotokan Black Belt Martial Art training

-A lifetime of soccer, including an adult league

-Dancing for 8 years 

-High School Marching Band - Drumline

-High school sports including: Lacrosse, Track, Cross country and Wrestling 

-Local Swim Team

Making a positive impact upon others

Being a Ninja Warrior isn't all about glory and winning. I want to use my Ninja experience to help motivate others and to inspire people how to focus their energy to be the best they can be.

I have also tremendously enjoyed helping bring an awareness of the deaf culture. I aspire and strive to be a positive role model throughout my journey.

FAQs and fun facts


How often do I train?

I like to change it up! I like to climb for several hours, play at a Ninja gym, slackline, bike, run, compete in races, workout and so many more - almost EVERYDAY!

How long was I Deaf?

I was born deaf! They didn't identify that I had a hearing loss when I was born. However,  my parents figured it out when I was 2 and 1/2 years old, when I didn't communicate verbally. At the age of 3, I drew faces on sticky notes to display my emotions, and left them around the house.

What do I like to eat?

I'm both an athletic adventurer and a culinary adventurer! I love to try new foods and usually end up enjoying them! Personal favorite food: Sushi, Garbage Salads, Pizza, Watermelon and Smoked Salmon. Weirdest food: Frog legs, Chocolate covered Cicadas and mealworms.

Future dream trips?

I have a plan to travel to Greece for their phenomenal food and amazing rock climbing routes. 

I also have considered visiting Scotland, Thailand and Germany.

Am i afraid of anything?

Ironically heights, but I still hurtle myself in the air and rock climb!